2-Jordan Derrien


Jordan Derrien Like The Gold at The End of The Rainbow

Three Dice co-editors Fiona Vilmer & Sophie Vinet

96 pages, 10,5 x 18,5 cm, offset print, 200 copies

Bilingual English / French

Graphic design : Lionel Carelan

Translation : Aron Barbier


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This essay emerged from personal reflections on the concepts of inwardness, interiority and selfhood. The film [SAFE], directed by Todd Haynes in 1995, is the starting point of my research. It portrays the political and social context of the late 1980’s in Los Angeles, providing valuable insights into past and current governmental structures and related societal changes.


Cet essai est le fruit de réflexions personnelles sur les notions d’intimité, d’intériorité et d’appartenance à soi, prenant pour point de départ le film [SAFE] réalisé par Todd Haynes en 1995. En exposant le contexte politique et social de la fin des années 1980 à Los Angeles, le film agit comme un catalyseur, permettant de mieux comprendre les enjeux politiques passés et actuels, ainsi que les problèmes sociaux qui y sont liés.


Three dice is a bilingual publishing collection founded in 2023 by Fiona Vilmer and Sophie Vinet. Dedicated to artists’ publications, it offers a heterogeneous mix of essays, poetry and free forms. It distances itself from a central thematic principle or a form of specialization, while focusing on questions linked to artistic, curatorial, poetic and research practices, through a deliberately subjective approach. Associated with the Bains-Douches in Alençon, it is developing as an entity both detached from and complementary to the art center.